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52 street s/o 130 Ave. (S.E.)
130 Ave. e/o 52 street (S.E.)

LO #422 Positioned at the intersection of 52 st. and 130 ave. this stunning industry leading 25 sq. ft 13mm display will deliver over 32,000 daily impressions. The location targets traffic travelling south on 52 st. and eastbound on 130 ave. The display reaches consumers entering and leaving McKenzie Towne's comprehensive retail and residential development and it also captivates commuters headed east on 130 ave. to Stony Tr. (Calgary's ring road).

About the location:

  • Directly across the street from Lowe's Home Improvement and over 70 various stores covering over 250,000 sq. ft. of retail.
  • Centrally located around the S.E. communities of McKenzie Lake, McKenzie Towne, Inverness, Mahogany, Cranston and Copperfield, Auburn Bay and Seton.
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Greater Clarity

Our concave screens are of higher resolution than all other outdoor providers in the Calgary marketplace. Our creative team is available to help you design and create an effective digital out of home message for your next digital outdoor campaign. We offer: Cost effective six second advertisements, sold in four week increments, with over 11,000 weekly spots.

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24/7 Messaging

Outdoor advertising is the only type of media with constant 24/7 exposure. Leading Outdoor's 13 mm digital displays offer the highest resolution in the Calgary market, delivering millions of potential impressions monthly with each advertising message appearing at least once per minute.

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Total Customization

With Leading Outdoor's digital outdoor displays you are always in control. The flexibility of digital technology allows you to fine tune and change your message as often as needed - at no additional cost.

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  • Digital display: 25 sq. metres
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 7.0 metres
  • Resolution: 13mm pixel displays
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Amplified Recall

Improve viewer recall with Leading Outdoor's digital displays. Our captivating displays are over 40 per cent larger than our competitors, and the dramatic soft concave curve commands and delivers increased readership. Leading Outdoor’s high-resolution 13 mm digital displays deliver superior viewer recall as a result of longer and clearer readability.

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Artwork and Production Requirements

  • Supply a digital image file
  • JPG preferred, BMP or PNG accepted
  • Matrix - 552 x 264
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Enormous Reach

Digital outdoor has the proven power of increased attraction to both drivers and passengers. Leading Outdoor's LED technology provides more colour and vibrancy than traditional billboards. Change your advertisements according to the time of day, respond to the latest news or current events, and immediately showcase different products or services.

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Impactful Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is better than any other type of advertising for its ability to communicate ideas at the lowest possible prices. Repetition is key when you are working to increase your brand awareness, launch a product, or simply want to get your message across. These can easily be accomplished with digital outdoor campaigns as they provide the lowest CPM (cost per thousand) than any other medium.

Dominant Eye Catching Concave Displays

Leading Outdoor's stunning concave displays create a potent visual experience that will catch and retain the attention of the coveted commuters and pedestrians.


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